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Design Support

Class A Surfacing (Strak)

We perform Class A surfacing.


We secure the 3D optical scanning and digitizing of surfaces.

  • Scanning of parts and assemblies
  • Scanning of larger units and whole products (e.g. automobiles, buses, etc.)


Safety Features

We develop safety features and restraint systems, or we cooperate in their development.

  • Front and rear seatbelts
  • Front, rear and head airbags

Electrical Harnesses

We develop electrical harnesses using the VOBESS process, or we cooperate in their development.

  • Main, door and rear-door harnesses for automobiles
  • Connectors, cable channels, bushings, etc.

FMEA - Failure Mode and EffectS Analysis

We will help you perform a Design as well as Process FMEA.

Interior Lining

We develop plastic parts for the interior lining of automobiles, or we cooperate in their development.

  • Upper and lower pillars
  • Door and ceiling panels
  • Centre consoles

Strength Calculations and FEM Analyses

We secure strength calculations for individual parts, assemblies and entire pieces of equipment. On that basis, we perform the weight optimization of aluminium, steel, composite and plastic structures.

  • Static and dynamic analyses
  • Linear and nonlinear analyses
  • Vibration analyses
  • Crash simulations


We perform design and development work in the planning of production lines and plants.

  • Welding lines for the automotive industry
  • Templates for automatic robots
  • Conveyor belts

Automotive Glass

We handle the complete process of installation (building-in) of glass panes in automobiles.

Vehicle Lights

We develop vehicle lights, or we cooperate in their development.

  • Headlights
  • Tail-lights

Technical Documentation

We prepare all technical documentation.

  • Drawings of parts and assemblies
  • PDM and TLD sheets
  • Bills of materials
  • Instruction manuals


We develop sealing systems, or we cooperate in their development.


We develop ventilation components, or we cooperate in their development.

  • Air ducts
  • Air vents

Military Technology

We are experienced in the development of military technology.

  • Vehicle conversions
  • Design and visualization of military containers
  • Concepts for military camps

Component Installation

We handle the complete process of installation (building-in) of components in automobiles.

  • Installation of components in the engine compartment
  • Installation of components in the interior

Hinged Bonnets

We develop systems for the hinging and locking of bonnets, or we cooperate in their development.

  • Active and passive bonnet hinges
  • Single- and multi-pin mechanisms
  • Bonnet locks

Agricultural Technology

We are experienced in the development of agricultural technology.

Quality Management

Quality Management

Resident Engineer services at ŠKODA AUTO plants in Mladá Boleslav / Kvasiny (Czech Republic)

  • We provide Resident Engineer services for the project, serial and warranty phases of the product lifecycle (in the fields of Quality and Technical Development).
  • We will help your company reduce the costs of warranty claims throughout the VW Group (negotiation of the Technical Factors).
  • We will guide your company through the Critical Project/Serial Supplier Programme to help you leave as soon as possible.

OEM Customer Specific Requirements for VW Group / BMW / Ford / Mercedes

Offered as a certified training course in cooperation with the Czech Society for Quality (Česká společnost pro jakost – ČSJ), or as an in-house workshop based on your current needs.

Other support/consultancy services:

  • OEM Customer Specific Requirements according to VW Group Formel Q Compact – offered as a theoretical lecture paired with a workshop based on your current needs
  • Support in certification according to ISO 9001 + IATF 16949 – we will help you implement the normative requirements into your Quality Management System, advise you on how to address any non-conformities identified during ISO 9001/IATF 16949 audits, and suggest solutions in the form of an 8D report
  • Support in the preparation for a VDA 6.3 Process Audit or BMW Requalification Audit
  • Training/workshop in the 8D methodology based on the BMW evaluation matrix
  • Training in the product sampling methodology according to VDA2/PPAP

All of these services are provided in Czech and/or English languages; as hourly consultations, in-house training sessions, or all-day training courses in Liberec (Czech Republic).

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